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To contact the producers of this film at FILM AND TELL, simply use this form.

If you are an NGO or organisation interested in supporting the project or want know more about FILM AND TELL, contact Anna Hagnefur on [email protected] or call +46 8 55 803 830.

GO STRAIGHT HOME is supported by four brilliant NGOs who all work to improve the rights of women and young girls:


RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) works with sexual and reproductive rights in Sweden and world wide. RFSU works with partners in Bangladesh to improve peoples living conditions and for increased opportunities for young women and for women to able to move freely without the threat of violence.

They can be reached via [email protected] or on Twitter @RFSU

ActionAid Sweden

Women and girls belong to the most vulnerable in the world. ActionAid focuses on women and girls because it is the most effective way to cut poverty.

They can be reached via [email protected] or on Twitter @ActionAidSweden

Unizon (former SKR)

Unizon (former Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres) is an organisation bringing together more than 100 womens shelter organisations, help lines and other organisations working for an equal society free of violence.

They can be reached via [email protected] or on Twitter @unizonjourer 

Swallows IB

Swallows India Bangladesh is a non-profit, non-governmental development organisation working in Sweden, India and Bangladesh. The Swallows works in partnership with local organisations in India and Bangladesh to strengthen disadvantaged groups, such as Dalits (who are often treated as untouchables), landless, indigenous people and women, to take control of their lives and claim their rights

They can be reached via  [email protected] or on Twitter @SvalornaIB

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